Friday, January 14, 2011

Mylar, strong flexible, clear polyester used in place of window glass

I get some great questions from time to time - here's a cool one to share:

Greetings and or Howdy,

I've been researching Dick Proenneke's Alaskan cabin and in his writings he says this about his window..

"Mylar, strong flexible, clear polyester used in place of window glass in the Proenneke cabin..."

My question I'm thinking would be..

a. Does that sound to you that Dick's "window" was Mylar film stretched as a window because of it's ability to withstand the extreme temperatures?

b. Have you any knowledge of a product with better performance when dealing with a temperature ranging from approximately 80 degrees F to -80 degrees F?

If you folks have something suitable, my needs only require a small amount to cover a few small window openings so in the winter I don't become a popsicle in my sleep....might scare the locals.


My answer:

Clear polyester is amazingly stable – you can buy sheets 24x48 or 48” wide roll – cut with a razor blade and staple to the frame.

I would put a panel over both sides of the window to insulate.
It does not stretch or tear.

Best question of the day award!

There you go - easy as that! search for “007 clear polyester” on the site – I would go with that thickness .

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  1. Hi
    I had a question about plastics and you seem like the person to ask. I'm doing a packaging design project for one of my college design courses. I'm looking for a plastic that is flexable and won't break easily. Also, it needs to be able to withstand the elements.
    Any help you could give me would be great!
    Thank you for your time