Saturday, May 2, 2009

SHOJI Chrysalis Resin Panel fabrication

Plastic Fabrication using Chrysalis HD resin panels is pretty cool. I can't do this with 3-Form or Lumicor panels. That is really SHOJI (shogi) paper inside the sheet. Duraglas, the maker of Chrysalis HD, uses a patented process to manufacture these panels. The base sheet is PETG (same stuff as soda bottles) and is thermoformable. The surface is unique in that it is "self healing" - small scratches (yes, scratches) can be removed with a small heat gun such as a cooking torch or industrial hot air gun. A few short passes will heal the surface.

Chrysalis and Ridout Plastics will be at the NEOCON show June 15-17, 2009 to show off all of the patterns available and some interesting fabrications at BOOTH 8-3130C. For you technical types, the material has a CLASS 1 FIRE RATING, is GREENGUARD & LEEDS COMPLIANT, is BACTERIOSTATIC and GRAFFITI RESISTANT. You can use as a DRY ERASE board OFF THE SHELF - no special coatings and Chrysalis HD resin panels are 40x MORE IMPACT RESISTANT THAN GLASS. That said, it is more expensive than Plexiglass or Lexan - but then again, there is nothing like it!

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