Friday, May 1, 2009

SBA Family Business Award

This is something that everyone at Ridout Plastics ( is proud of. The United States Small Business Administration decided to create a special award for Family Owned businesses across the country in 1995. In each major metropolitan region, they hand selected a short list of contenders. You could not apply to be considered. You had to be nominated by a qualified local organization and these organizations could only nominate one company. The San Diego Chamber of Commerce chose Ridout Plastics as their nominee and we underwent a grueling series of tests and reference checks.

After about 6 months of interviews and checks, their were 5 contenders vying to be the first recipient of this prestigious award in San Diego. We won this based on our years of contributions to the local community, a successful transition from one generation to the next, and our excellence in customer service. Basically, for being good guys. There is an article in Entrepreneur Magazine from back then.

It might have been 14 years ago, but we remind ourselves every day why we earned this recognition and strive to exceed customer expectations each and every day.

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