Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Plastic Ice - Plexiglass acrylic Ice sheet

Plastic Ice. Fake Ice. Faux Ice. Artificial Ice. It is funny how there are so many things that we make that are fake. Really! I mean in Japan you walk down the street and every lunch restaurant has a set of fake portions set out to tempt you in. Even the mannequins in the department stores are looking more realistic.

Seems like everyone wants fake ice. The bigger the better. We have all kinds of fake ice in our store, but the largest block is about 9"x9". Not big enough for some people.

Today one of our suppliers came in with a sheet of fake ice. Really good fake ice. Check it out - it's crystal clear and we can cut shapes from it, or build it into pedestals or big blocks or cubes.

This sheet comes in any thickness - but I want to have sheets of 1/2" and 1" thick for some amazing possibilities.


  1. hey,

    im doing this project for uni where id need something that looks like ice on a rather large surface...
    do you know where i could order those "fake-ice" sheets from?

    thanks in advance,


  2. Hey Sophie - you should try asking for Malik at Ridout Plastics. Just google "".
    Thanks, E