Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Another Day in Plastics Fabrication at the Shop

I was walking around the shop today and saw some incredibly different tasks going on. I guess it's what makes it fun every day for me, as well as for our team. Don't forget to click on the pictures to see larger versions!

Starting at the Shipping Department, it looks like a lot of display frames are ready to ship to a regional bank. Still needs some pallet wrap and protection.

Waiting for pickup from a local museum in San Diego, I found a stack of 24" x 24" x 24" acrylic vitrines - these are made from Optix brand acrylic sheet from Plaskolite.

Over in the CNC area they are cutting out some interesting shapes for a new customer. These parts will be "line-bent" into a new shape - a lot like oragami - that will have 3-D structure. Can't tell what it is. Heck - I don't know what it is anyway. (Have to check the work order tomorrow.....)

Over in the plexiglass thermo-forming department, Jason is working on a prototype for a couple of pedestals and windows. The soft felt-like material allows him to handle the plexiglass while it is still hot (275F) without transferring any mark-off to the sheet surface.

So this base is 3" thick clear CAST Plexiglass sheet about 18" x 24". It will become a base for some art object - each object has a different shape at the base and will require tailoring of the recessed holes to make them fit. We haven't polished out the holes completely as this is a work in progress.

Check out this photo. You are looking THROUGH the center of the plexi. That's a nickel on the other side, and the bottom of this base acts like a mirror - you are seeing a reflection of the machine and ceiling!

That's crazy.

Hope you enjoyed these pix.

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