Sunday, December 11, 2011

Thin Delrin acetal plastic sheet

This is an example of DELRIN acetal plastic sheet in various colors and thicknesses. You normally do not see acetal sheet or rod in anything but a natural white or colored black.

The Red is .030" thick and comes 24" wide
The Green is .025" thick and comes 12" wide
The Yellow is 0.020" thick and comes 12" wide

Great for Shim Stock, wear strips - even guitar picks!

I guess if you can think up a new application, a new color can be made as well.


  1. I am looking for some colored abs plastic to use on guitars as binding material. Currently I am limited to basic colors like white cream and black but would really like to find a supplier for more interesting colors specifically a neon green color. My size requirements are strips of about 1/4 inch wide, 1/16 inch thick and at least 65 inches long. Is this something your company could do?

  2. Where can we buy this coloured sheets?

  3. Is the yellow sheet material available in a thickness of 1/8"?

  4. Having a hard time finding the right kind of plastic sheet to buy for covering a wear hole in the bottom of my plastic kayak. It's about three inches acrossed, but I would like to cover much more of the bottom to create a wear zone for shallow creek scrapes. Say.... 12 X 24. Need to know what glue/adheasive to use as well

  5. I contacted eplastics and the say they don't carry the colored Delrin sheets. I have searched high and low to find it and cannot. Any more ideas where to purchase it?