Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Full UV Blocking Plexiglas Acrylic Sheet

Factoid for the day.... this plexiglass color is 100% effective of blocking ALL Ultraviolet wavelengths - it cuts off light at the 540 wavelength.  This is great for UV curing operations - it will shield the items from the light.

Plexiglas 2422 - available at


  1. Im going to try it, although on the site it has no advertising of uv resistance, have you tested personally? They have some clear museum grade stuff claims to be 98% effective.

  2. Does the UV blocking plastic also block the sun glare? Meaning is this the same material that is used for those yellow sun visors?

  3. Which transmits UV better, Plexiglass or Lexan? (Use is for dye in specialized photography)