Monday, June 6, 2011

Installing Multiwall Polycabonate on my trellis

This is a post in process. Pictures forthcoming.

This week I have a project in my OWN backyard as I will attempt to install some 6mm clear multiwall polycarbonate on a trellis structure. My wife has been asking for this for at least 2 years. I have run out of excuses.

OK - we're in San Diego. I don't have wind, hail, tornados, lightning, hurricanes, or fireflies to worry about.
Basically, sun, 8 inches of rain, bees and what ever is growing up the trellis posts.

So I picked the clear multiwall sheet as the trellis already throws enough shade. I hope I can walk on it to clean the 2nd story windows? Maybe I will make special "snowshoes" to walk on it.

I had to locate and cut square holes to allow the decorative elements to pop through. I am sure the rain will probably pour through there too. Whatever.

I just gave the drawing to the cutting room at Ridout Plastics. It was crude, but I needed to test them.

Update 6/13/11:
Well, I learned that it's a 2 person job to try to install these panels. I installed most of the panels, but need another set of hands to help engage the sheets into to U-Channels

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