Friday, July 10, 2009

Plexiglass at Home Depot or Lowes

I love Home Depot. I love Lowes. I go there when I need hardware, lumber or a new BBQ. But I don't go there when I need a sheet of Plexiglass acrylic sheet. It's not because I have a plastic company, but because I know the difference between what is being offered for sale there vs a plastic distributor's shop.

For MOST consumers, you are looking for the best value for your money. Something that will last and do the job correctly. Sometimes we just need an inexpensive sheet of clear plastic right now. When the second reason is the case, by all means, go to the big box store (Lowes or Home Depot). The rest of the time, visit your friendly plastic distributor, explain your application, and they will set you up with the correct material - Plexiglas, Acrylite, Optix, Lucite are typical brand names. It's printed on the paper masking. It's on a label under the film masking. No label? Ask for proof it's domestically made (North America).

The material you find at Home Depot and Lowes is an inexpensive "extruded" sheet of acrylic with a typical film masking. Usually it is made here in the USA. But what I don't like about the big sheets is that they are too thin. But - they sell some small sheets too! If you're looking for some small 8x10 or 24x24 sheets of THIN clear Plexiglass - then they are a great source. Most plastic supply companies do NOT want to sell just an 8x10. But at Home Depot you can. Even self checkout!

Should you want to cut the Plexiglass - they usually sell a small Plexiglass scribing tool that allows you to put a groove across the sheet, and then snap it in half right along the groove!