Saturday, March 14, 2009

Welcome to my blog - the Plastic Genius

Plastic genius. My company mantra is "When Others Can't - We Can." We're not primadonnas - we are life long learners and we have answers to your questions - solutions to your requirements. My family entered plastics distribution and fabrication in 1968. Did Dad listen to the guy in "The Graduate"? You know the line "Just One Word -are you listening? PLASTICS." I was barely a teen, and excited that I had access to a shop-full of tools and Plexiglass, Lexan, fiberglass, resin, Micarta, foam, architectural and engineering plastics. Dad always encouraged experimentation on the shop floor, in marketing, and in building a business.

41 years later you'd think I had seen it all, but that's not true - I am still learning and still working with customers on new applications in a new millennium. So I decided to blog. About plastics. All kinds of plastic sheet, rod, and shaped materials. A brain dump of what I know, tell some stories, and upload postings of new materials as they become available in the market.

Since we are all so wired and connected via the web - it's my sincere hope that one of your searches for plastic will parse through this blog - and you'll either get your answer or get pointed to a site I know that has your answer. Yes - I have a plastics company but this is not a shameless blog to get your business. If you find that my company can help you - great! The internet is full of paths to multiple answers. Of course, I would hope that a conversation with my team at is more rewarding to you and your company.

So here we go!


  1. Ok that worked! Hello Mr. Plastic genius. I am involved in one of my "why cant I " projects. Sounds like you know exactly what I mean. I am trying to make a plastic ring for some art work. My ring will be about 33 in. od. with a 21 in. hole in the center. It should be about 1/8 in. thick. I am making a mold now that will form the ring. It will be concave with about a 1 in. dish in the center of the mold. Sort like a saucer. There will be 2 "styling" rings in the finished ring about an inch wide not over 1/8 in deep and no "hard" edges. I would like to find plastic that I could buy already cut onto the ring shape ( flat)then heat the plastic with a heat gun and let the plastic lay into the mold to get the desired shape . The plastic should hold the new shape when cooled and withstand outside summer temp without warping. I need the plastic in black and of course the "old bugaboo" low cost.That always seems to be a big roadblock doesnt it? I am enjoying very much reading of the projects on your blog. Any help with my project will certainly be very much appreiciated. Thank you in advance and I will be reading often.. Bob

  2. Nice post!!I really like it what i have read so far in your blog